About Us

Arya Sarv Sepehr Alvand Co. (ARYASA) is a knowledge-based company (registration No. 10532) established in 2012 with the aim of designing , producing, importing and exporting modern agricultural machinery as well as the provision of technical and engineering services. The main products of ARYASA are: rotary rake, sugar beet topper, digger and loader. By constantly communicating with manufacturers, distributors, farmers, science and technology parks and universities, ARYASA has always tried to provide most efficient services.
ARYASA goals are:
1. Customer Satisfaction.
2. Employing customer suggestions in design, production and provision of services.
3. Designing new agricultural machines by experienced engineers graduated from reputable universities.
4. Agricultural machinery Import &Export
5. Improving the quality of products through continuous communication with experts and customers.